The first of the regional conferences in the scope of “Civilan Oversight of Internal Security Sector-Phase II” was held in Izmir on 25 June 2014. In the conference, which was hosted by İzmir Governorship, main outputs of the Project were shared with 90 participants from 5 pilot provinces and 4 other provinces in the Aegean region.
Besides Director General and Head of Department of Minisrtry of Interior General Directorate of Provincial Administrations, UNDP Democratic Governance Program Manager and Project experts; Deputy Governors, District Governors, District Police Chiefs, District Gendarmerie Commanders from Aydın, Denizli, Gaziantep, İstanbul, İzmir, Malatya, Manisa, Uşak and Trabzon participated to the conference.
Practices in France, UK and Turkey were analysed
In the conference, outputs produced by international and local project experts on 4 main topics were presented. The first topic was “Strategy design and development for the oversight of internal security forces in France, UK and Turkey”. One of the international experts presented the UK case, in which strategy was developed and implemented both at local and national level. In line with this, one of the main duties of Chief Constable in UK is to balance national requirements of the Strategic Policing Requirement against the local priorities. French case, was also presented as a good example of strategy development and implementation by all pillars as the Parliament, Ministry of Interior and other inter-ministerial commissions in the center; Prefets (Governor) and Local Security Councils at the local actively take part in strategy development and implementation. Noteworthy finding was the the allocation of interministerial fund for crime prevention.
Recruitment and promotion systems were evaluated
The second topic was, recruitment and promotion of police and gendarmerie chiefs in France, Turkey and UK. Central recruitment process in France was compared with a more decentralized system in UK and Wales. Turkish recruitment and promotion of ISFs was also presented.
Gaps in the system
The third topic was regulation of the private security sector. Especially main elements for a successful regulatory system in the private security sector, EU norms, international standards, international good practices and recommendations were presented. Gaps into the Turkish regulatory system were identified.
Need for a new organizational design
Last topic in the conference was the presentation of the best mechanism for oversight of ISFs by MoI. The main finding is that it requires a new organizational design for the Ministry of Interior at central level given the size and importance of internal forces.