Within the context of Civilian Oversight of the Internal Security Sector Project, “Parliamentary Oversight of the Law Enforcement Bodies” seminar has organized.
With the participation of Members of Parliament from diverse political parties, seminar’s opening speech was held by, Mr. Seyfullah Hacımüftüoğlu, Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior on 6 April 2013, Kızılcahamam Asya Termal Otel.
Prof. Sebastian Roché who is Chief Technical Advisor of the Project has given a presentation about “Fundamental Principles on Effective Parliamentary Oversight” and International Consultant Lodewijk Vanoost has given a presentation about “Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector, The BELGIAN System: Structure and Legal Framework”.
Moreover, international expert Floran Cadillo has given information about how parliamentary oversight practices in France and shared his studies about the subject.
Prof. Dr. Feridun Yenisey who is Legislative Framework Expert of the Project has given in depth information about “Democratic Legitimation Problem of the Preventive Law Enforcement Services”.
After presentations, Roché, Yenisey, Vanoost and Vadillo have answered all questions in detail relative to the subject.
In the second session of the Seminar, MPs have split up into two groups and discussed the subject which is “Are there relevant ideas concepts, mechanisms in France and Belgium that could be implemented in Turkey?” and submit their outcomes. Fikret Bila and Yavuz Donat were moderators for discussion sessions of MPs.