In order to increase effectiveness of civilian oversight powers on law enforcement bodies for naturalization of human-focused public security concept, “Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project – Phase II” Launch Event has realized on 24th of October 2013 in Ankara.

Project is funded by the European Union, implemented by Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Provincial Administration with the technical assistance of United Nations Development Programme. Mr. İdris Naim Şahin, Minister of the Interior is participated to Launch Event and delivered a speech. Mr. Şahin stated that;

‘In the field of public security, ISFs compliance with both victims, defendants and suspects’ legal rights is a concept which recognized and prioritized by universal legal norms while exercising powers such as using arms and interfering to fundamental rights and freedoms.’

Minister of the Interior Mr. İdris Naim Şahin also highlighted that increasing service quality of internal security units and citizen contentment are priorities of democratic countries. In security service presentation, Minister of the Interior Mr. İdris Naim Şahin stated that with new formations such as provincial security councils and local security contracts, citizenship participation is institutionalized and relationship between citizens, civil society organizations and internal security units have strengthen. Moreover, Minister of the Interior Mr. İdris Naim Şahin illustrated that provision of employing rights and freedoms of citizens given to security service units as fundamental constitutional duty and power and this use of power to maintain these duties are specified clearly with laws.

Ministry of Interior General Director of Provincial Administration Mr. Mustafa Karabacak stated that the European Union allocated resources of 3.5 million Euros for 2nd phase of project. Mr. Karabacak illustrated that in the 2nd phase of project, seven provinces selected as pilots. These provinces are; Gaziantep, İstanbul (Fatih, Üsküdar, Eyüp, Kadıköy districts), İzmir, Kayseri, Konya, Malatya and Trabzon.

Mr. Bela Szombati, Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union to Turkey in his speech stated that one of the fundamental element of democratic society is civilian oversight. Mr. Szombati underlined that effective civilian oversight on security forces is very crucial for democratization of Turkey.

After the speech of Ms. Matilda Dimovska UNDP Turkey Deputy Resident Representative, Mr. Rahmi Doğan, Head of Department of Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Provincial Administration has made a presentation regarding Technical Assistance for Improvement of Civilian Oversight of the Internal Security Sector Project – Phase II. Chief Technical Advisor of the Project Prof. Dr. Sebastian Roché made a presentation named “Democracy and oversight of internal security forces: Core objectives, previous advances and benefits of the second project.” Prof. Dr. Roché has mediated second panel session which is about “Dimensions of civilian oversight in international perspective.” Speakers of this panel session are listed below and made presentations about specified subjects:

Mike Hough, University of London, head of the European research consortium Eurojustis. "Oversight and trust in internal security forces. How to scientifically measure the level of satisfaction and confidence and how to compare countries with Eurojustis indicators",

Mathieu Zagrodzki, Institute of Political Science of Paris, international consultant on policing: "Police and the public: how to improve and institutionalize communication? The example of the local security commissions in Paris and its 20 districts",

Dyfan Jones, international consultant: "Basic oversight features in liberal democracies: the role of Parliaments vis-à-vis internal security forces in selected EU states",

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Kemal Yıldız, Bahçeşehir University: “Handbook of the Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector for Governors and District Governors” .

Over 150 guests right along with various Members of Parliament, Mr. Osman Güneş Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr.Seyfullah Hacımüftüoğlu Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior, Mr. Kudret Bülbül Deputy Undersecretary of Public Order and Security, Mr. Mehmet Kılıçlar General Director of Turkish National Police, Lieutenant General Mr. Osman Eker Chief of Staff of General Command of Gendarmerie, Rear Admiral Mr. Hasan Uşaklıoğlu Commandant of the Turkish Coast Guard, Ministry’s and respective institutions’ high level officials and media representatives have participated to the Launch Event.