2nd Training of Trainers (ToT2) Program on Local Planning was organized in order to equip trainers and operational secretariat staff with necessary knowledge and skills to effectively run local security commissions and make local security plans.
The training seminar on local planning was held in Istanbul Taksim point Hotel, on 20-21 January in with the participation of 30 secretariat office personnel who will be responsible for running secretariat services for Local Security Commissions. The training was implemented with support of local and international experts.
Technical aspects of planning were evaluated
Members of Local Prevention and Security Commissions from 8 pilot provinces were brought together at the seminar to enhance them with technical aspects of making local security plans. Basic concepts about strategic plans, local planning with the examples of strategic plans from the public sector, making local security plans, defining and determining local security objectives and performance indicators were among the subjects evaluated during the training.
Importance of local needs is underlined
Other than these topics, many other aspects of local planning were focused on too. Risk analysis and management in making local prevention and security plans with reference to the local needs, setting indicators, measuring outcomes, interpreting data and using them in making plans were the other subjects, which were delivered to the participants.
Effective communication means effective plans
As a consequence of the two days seminar, the participants of the seminar were informed about making security plans after risk analysis. It became clear as a learned lesson that running the Local Prevention and Security Boards and making better security plans is only possible with effective time and meeting management, and effective communication skills.