The 1st module of Training of Trainers Program (ToT) is aimed to equip trainers and leaders with necessary knowledge and skills to effectively establish local security commissions and make local security plans. The program of “Opinion Polls for Measuring Crime, Trust and Confidence” was realized with the participation of 80 Local Prevention Commission members, trainers and NGOs representatives on 3rd and 4th of July 2013, at Conrad Hotel, in İstanbul.
Specific objective: How to benefit from opinion polls
While program was bringing different segments of stakeholders together to create a culture of partnership for civilian oversight, it also focused on teaching behavioral skills of gathering ideas and consulting people. The specific objective of seminar was to introduce how to benefit from opinion polls; conduct surveys; measure crime, trust, and confidence.
Leaders and trainers were targeted
The program targeted two groups of participants; leaders and trainers. While training of trainers focused on technical aspects, program on leaders focused on exchange of information with them to get their support for better functioning of Local Security Commission and how to benefit from opinion polls to create local security plans.
Wide range of subjects were covered
Different aspects and dimensions of survey techniques, information exchange and poll based information were evaluated during the training. Local and international experts covered wide range of subjects such as methodology and sampling procedures, sampling techniques in gathering data, benefiting from TurkStat data when creating samples, international standards for measuring victimization, using surveys to increase civilian oversight, global/international standards for measuring trust and satisfaction, relations between satisfaction by service and trust on police and methodological and sampling aspects of the research.
Discussions held on opinion polls
The training also included workshops, which covered theoretical concepts of items introduced during presentations by adopting practical examples provided by moderators. The participants also discussed different aspects of opinions polls measuring crime and trust.
International experience-sharing opens way to accuracy
As a consequence of the two days seminar, the participants were informed about the tools for measuring crime and trust/confidence. They were also equipped with the key notions of research methods and development of opinion polls which they can share this knowledge at provincial level. The training proved that international experience-sharing is very beneficial and supportive in terms of reaching accurate results in using survey and poll techniques.