Çeşme Prevention and Security Commission, successfully completed the local security analysis and action plans stages and it became the first pilot district to sign the Local Prevention and Security Plan.
Plan is signed by all stakeholders
Under the chairpersonship of District Governor Ms. İnci Sezer Becel, the Plan was signed by all stakeholders, which include the representatives of internal security forces, relevant state institutions, municipalities, Chambers, NGOs, and Mukhtars on January 23, 2014 with the participation of project officials.
Prioritized problems
The Commission members agreed on prioritizing the following local security problems: House and workplace burglary, drug addiction and juvenile crimes, noise, traffic, environmental pollution, touting, stray animals, frauding via phones and lack of using the crime reporting system efficiently. The Plan included 9 local security objectives and 24 action plans on the abovementioned local security priorities to be implemented in three years.
At the end of intense efforts
Çeşme Prevention and Security Commission was established on 30 April 2013 and has convened four times as of January 2013. Prior to the signing of the plan, 32 one-to-one meetings, 4 Commission meetings, 6 operational secretariat and 3 focus group meetings were held with the stakeholders in İzmir and Çeşme.
Consultation brings success
The stakeholders perceive the Local Prevention and Security Plan as an opportunity to be more responsive to local needs and also for all parties to fulfill their own responsibilities in a more coordinated way. In this