It was held in Ankara on 8 January 2014 by the Ministry of Interior, in the framework of the Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project Phase II.
The draft was evaluated and revised
The meeting aim is to set the basic principles of all the Internal Security Forces in a Draft Framework Law, in line with EU and international standards, and to make sure that it encapsulates the Turkish law-making legislation tradition and experiences.
Participation by internal security representatives
Representatives of internal security forces participated in the meeting as well as the officials from the Ministry of interior and the experts of the Project. The officials and experts made presentations on the general aim of the project, the aim of the draft law, principles of drafting, things done so far and to be made next.
Revision under consensus
The first three introductory articles of the draft law were prepared after reaching a consensus of the Committee after an exchange of views with support of international and national experts.
Commitment comes up as a key to success
The commitment of Turkish government to harmonize Turkish legal system with EU standards has proved very important in preparing the draft law.