The National Conference in the scope of “Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector-Phase II” was held in Ankara on 11 March 2015.

The main achievements of the project were presented to the stakeholders (MoI, police, gendarme, coast guard, local authorities, Local Boards) of the project in the national Conference.
Besides, the legal context for oversight of ISFs in Turkey and the project, the pre-draft law for Local Boards and the implementations regarding a Joint Academy were among the evaluated subjects. The conference also proved the aim to inform the general public about the main achievements of the project.
The conference was held with the participation of UNDP Resident representative Kamal Malhorta, EU delegation to Turkey Charge d'Affaires Bela Szombati, Ministry of Interior, Director General for Provincial Administrations Rahmi Doğan, Spanish Ambassador Rafael Mendivil, officials from the Turkish Parliament, Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of EU Affairs, Deputy Governors, District Governors, ISF commanders from the pilot provinces and districts, NGO representatives, mukhtars and project experts.
After the opening remarks, presentations were made by the national and international experts on the following subjects: Main achievements of the project, the legal context for oversight of Internal Security Forces in Turkey and the project, implementation and pre-draft legislation for Local Boards, results based on an international instrument “Trust and legitimacy of the internal security forces in the Turkish public”, legal gap analysis, joint academy for top internal security forces, strengthening the strategy for prevention of crime at Ministry of Interior and strengthening the strategy development capacity of Ministry of Interior