The Awareness Raising Event and Training Programme within the scope of the “Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project-Phase II” was made in Trabzon on 4 March 2015.
The activity was hosted by Trabzon Governorship. Around 150 people consisted of Vakfıkebir District Prevention and Security Board members, Provincial Prevention and Security Board members, representatives from NGOs, institutions and experts participated in the activity.
After the opening remarks by Trabzon Deputy Governor Şükrü Kara, information on the Implementation of Vakfıkebir Local Prevention and Security Plan was shared with the public. Vakfıkebir District Governor Yıldıray Malğaç briefed about the Implementation of Vakfıkebir Local Prevention and Security Plan. PhD. Sevcan Akıncı made her presentation on “Findings From Surveys Conducted in Vakfıkebir on Domestic Violence and Traffic”.
PhD. Sevcan Akıncı stressed that although domestic violence and speed in the traffic are both crimes, these are not perceived as crimes by the survey participants. Akıncı mentioned that information and awareness activities/ training programmes being conducted by various institutions should focus on these issues.
Turgay Özkan from Provincial Police Dept., delivered a presentation and awareness training on “Measures That Can Be Taken for Traffic and Road Safety”
Selim Öztop from Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, made his presentation on “Effective Methods in Inner-Family Communication”. Öztop gave information on effective inner-family communication and ways of approach to the children.
Lawyer Sibel Suiçmez from Trabzon Bar Association delivered her presentation on “Domestic Violence and Rights of Family Members”. Suiçmez underlined that many changes are meda in recent years on family protection and preventing violence against women.
Gökçe Keskin from Provincial Gendarme Command made her presentation on”Domestic Violence and Ways of Protection”. .