The delegation, led by Ministry of Interior Director General of Provincial Administrations Mr. Ali Fidan, undertook an official visit to the United Kingdom (UK) in the “Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project-Phase II”. The delegation seized opportunity for on-site analysis of police system and oversight mechanisms during the visit, between 14-19 September.
Briefing on organized crime in the UK
The visit began with briefing on the UK political system and continued with the presentation on “Political structure and internal security system in the UK”. In the visit to the UK Home Office, a briefing was received on “Fight against organized crimes in the UK” at the Strategic Center for Organized Crime. After this meeting, a courtesy visit was paid to the Turkish Ambassador to the UK Mr. Abdurrahman Bilgiç
Important contacts on different areas
After the briefing on “Crime and Policing Analysis” (IQuanta), UK Ministry of Justice “Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary”, police inspection directorate, was visited. A visit was paid to Hampshire on the fourth day. The delegation was briefed there on the duties and responsibilities of the "Police and Crime Commissioner", who works upon election, determines the strategies of the police force and also appoints the Local Police Chief. The delegation returned to Turkey on 19 September.
Strengthening both center and local
It is possible to capture the current state of civilian oversight and governance of policing in England and Wales as both strengthening the centre and strengthening the local level. Policing in England and Wales is best described as a decentralized policing system under central coordination, and this Study Tour was able to examine structures of and developments within both central and local governance of the police system. Police reforms are aimed at strengthening governance and accountability at both levels.