The first meeting of the FLISS (Framework Law For Internal Security Sector) comission was held in Ankara on the 14 May 2013. After the opening speech by Mr. Rahmi Doğan and a brief summary of the project by the Chief Technical Advisor Mr. Sebastian Roche, the methodology of the FLISS was adressed to the participant officials from MoI, police, gendarmerie, coast guard and customs administration.
Following the explanation of the methodology, international expert Mr. Marcus Gonzales made a presentation of the Spanish system enlightning the participants with the current legislation in Spain providing common rules to maintain effective civilian oversight of all internal security forces. The Spanish system was appreciated as a good example by the participants. But the emerging idea of the comission was not to adopt the legislation but to customize it according to the facts and rules of the Turkish system.
After the break, Prof.Dr. Feridun Yenisey gave a valuable speech about the main sections that has to be provided by the draft law emphasizing the need for provisions regarding the "powers" of the internal security forces and other related administrations.
This speech was followed by the discussions within the comission about different aspects of the draft law concluding with a consensus over the need for providing discrete rules for each internal security administration besides the common rules that will be applicable for all.
The commission also empowered the draft comitee which will be composed of professors and lawyers to draft the legislation according to the conclusions reached by the comission.
The second meeting of the FLISS comission is planned to take place in july for further group work and discussions. The skeleton of the draft law will be determined and the comitee will commence drafting the legislation.