The training on the parliamentary oversight of the internal security forces (ISFs) was held in Sapanca between 13-17 October 2014 in the framework of “Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project-Phase II”. 18 experts from several state institutions received the training, in which comparative analysis of democratic parliamentary oversight systems is conducted.
National and international experts delivered the training.
The training was delivered with the participation of international experts from the UK and Germany as well as local experts and officials including the Ministry of Interior. 15 legislative experts from the Turkish Grand National Assembly, 2 experts from the Undersecretary of Defense Industry and 1 Senior Auditor from the Turkish Court of Accounts received the training.
Four important goals of the training
The four main goals of the training were set as; to increase the awareness level of legislative experts on parliamentary oversight; to present international examples of the role of the parliaments on budget processes; to improve the qualifications of the parliamentary staff on financial issues and to identify the advanced level future training needs of legislative experts of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
A comparative analysis on parliamentary oversight was conducted
The training helped the participants and the project officials to identify the further training needs. Besides, a comparative analysis of the democratic parliamentary oversight systems is conducted within the training. Furthermore, the initial training results survey filled out by the participants show that overall a general satisfaction level is reached.