The fifth of the provincial conferences series was held in Trabzon on 14 October 2014 in the framework of “Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project-Phase II”. In the programme entitled “Trabzon Provincial Conference and Training on Prevention of Crime” the techniques and models of crime prevention were delivered to the conference participants on theoretical and practical basis. Besides, the experiences regarding the activities of Local Prevention and Security Boards, which were established within the context of the project, were shared with the participants.
High level of involvement by the officials
The conference was held with the participation of the Trabzon Governor Mr. A. Celil Öz, Trabzon Greater City Mayor Mr. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, deputy Governors, alll Kaymakams in the province, all district police chiefs, all gendarmerie chiefs, representative of the Coast Guard, mayors, heads of mukhtars associations in districts, chambers’ representatives, major relevant NGOs’ representatives, members of the Provincial and District Local Prevention and Security Boards, the Ministry of Interior officials, representatives from UNDP and the project experts
54 activities were presented
54 preventive actions were presented, for Vakfıkebir, regarding Drug addiction and juvenile crime tendency, traffic, domestic violence, street animals, burglary, insecurity feeling in public areas, prevention of children from being victims of crimes, abandoned buildings and long-time construction sites.
Examples from belgiım, France and Turkey
Following the opening speeches, conference continued with the panel entitled “Contributions of the Local Prevention and Security Boards’ Stakeholders”. In the afternoon session, tha panel entitled “Interactive Discussion on Crime Prevention Techniques” was held. The conference ended with the presentations, which include examples from the implementations in Belgium, France and Turkey.
Project improves local capacity through training of trainers
The Local Prevention and Security Board members underlined that the works of the Boards are beneficial regarding the improvement of coordination for crime prevention and developing solutions. The members also mentioned that training for trainers will be provided on capacity building by legal experts, social workers, doctors and religious officials in the district. The Board members expressed that the sustainability of the training and information efforts is aimed at and will have an important contribution for the district. The participants shared their views saying that the information on Crime Prevention Technique and Models is beneficial in terms of being mind opened.