The activities implemented in Yeşilyurt pilot district were shared with the participants from all around Malatya province at the provincial conference which was held in the context of “Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project-Phase II”.
In the conference on 12 June 2014, titled “Gaziantep Provincial Conference and Training on Prevention of Crime”, the techniques and models of crime prevention were delivered to the conference participants together with the implementations in Turkey and France.
Participation was high again
The conference was held with the participation of the Malatya Governor Mr. Vasip Şahin, Chief Public Prosecutor, deputy Governors, Kaymakams in the province, district police chiefs, gendarmerie chiefs, municipality representatives, heads of mukhtars associations, chambers’ representatives,major relevant NGOs, members of the Provincial and District Local Prevention and Security Boards (Yeşilyurt and Hekimhan), the Ministry of Interior officials, representatives from UNDP and the project experts
Yeşilyurt Local Prevention and Security Board’s activities were evaluated
Yeşilyurt Local Prevention and Security Board, which was established in the context of the project has developed 18 action plans, which include 46 activities about 7 different security problems varying such as drug addiction, burglary, domestic violence, traffic, insecurity feeling in public areas, street animals and abandoned buildings. Besides, it developed new solution models special to the district while organizing seminars and training programs on the determined topics. For example, studies which focused on domestic communication were made to prevent domestic violence. Besides, the couples who are married for long years are being determined as honorary marriage consultants as the examples for young couples, and they are provided to communicate with the families and advise them. On the other hand, solution focused models are developed to cooperate with the owners of the abandoned buildings, which may serve as safe haven for the potential criminals, on demolishing or selling of these buildings.
Along with these efforts, separate conferences were organized for parents and teachers on subjects such as inter-domestic communication, juvenile problems and school success to prevent drug addiction. Informative seminars were organized for the students and privates in risk groups. Besides, a special model, which aimed to keep the young people away from the environments where they can have access to drugs and to direct them positive habits, was formed for the young people who are dırectly in risk groups. The young people in the risk group were spotted; and theater and football courses were organized for the talented ones. The children in risk groups who work on the streets are registered to the occupational courses. A detailed and multi-dimensional planning, which involves inter-institutional coordination and NGO participation, was made with the target of employing these young people after the course via İŞKUR. To make the implementation sustainable, a group, which is going to be selected among these young people, will participate in scout training of Öncü Gençlik Sports Foundation for a year.
Civil society engagement is key for success
The participants underlined that the efforts by the Local Prevention and Security Board established in Yeşilyurt provides civil society participation and contributes to more democratization. This also increases the coordination among the institutions, which is important in terms of crime prevention as well as avoiding the problems that may lead to security gaps; mentioning that this facilitates receiving civil society contribution, which opens path for fast and efficient solutions.