The third of the provincial conferences series of the “Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project-Phase II” was made in İstanbul on 13 May 2014.
In the “İstanbul Provincial Conference and Training on Prevention of Crime” conference, the techniques and models of crime prevention were delivered to the conference participants on theoretical and practical basis, as it was done in the first two conferences. The experiences were also shared about implementation of the Local Boards, which were established within the context of the Project.
Wide range of parties participated
The conference was held with the participation of the İstanbul Deputy Governor Mr. Aziz Mercan, kaymakams in the province, district police chiefs, Coast Guard Group Command, gendarmerie chiefs, major relevant NGOs, mayors, heads of muhtars associations in districts, representatives from universities and media, members of the Provincial and District Local Prevention and Security Boards, the Ministry of Interior officials, and the project experts.
Local Security Plans provide internal security-civil society partnership
Four pilot districts' implementations at locals enabled exchange of experience between the pilot districts and brought the experience into the attention of all other participant districts. During the conference participants from other districts expressed their interest into adopting a similar system and prepare Local Security Plans. Participants' comments and suggestions pointed out the relevance of local security plans in terms of improving communication and partnerships between security forces and civil society; hence a more efficient use of existing resources to assure security.