The second one of the provincial conferences series of the “Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project-Phase II” was completed in Gaziantep on 30 April 2014.
In the conference titled “Gaziantep Provincial Conference and Training on Prevention of Crime”, the techniques and models of crime prevention were delivered to the conference participants on theoretical and practical basis. The conference also included experience sharing about implementation of the Local Boards, which were established within the context of the Project.
All relevant parties highly interested
The conference was held with the participation of the Gaziantep Governor Mr. Erdal Ata, deputy governors, kaymakams in the province, district police chiefs, gendarmerie chiefs, major relevant NGOs, mayors, heads of muhtars associations in districts, members of the Provincial and District Local Prevention and Security Boards, the Ministry of Interior officials, representatives from UNDP and the project experts.
Overcoming deficiencies will facilitate the activities
The participants underlined that the efforts by the Local Prevention and Security Board established in Şahinbey provides civil society participation and contributes to more democratization. This mechanism also increases the coordination among the institutions, which is important in terms of crime prevention as well as avoiding the problems that may lead to security gaps; mentioning that this facilitates receiving civil society contribution, which opens path for fast and efficient solutions. They also congratulated the contributors of the pilot implementation and conference. Participants also mentioned that stakeholder approach is important for preventing crimes and this should be in effect even though there is no specific budget allocated. They underlined the internal security forces’ need to improve the technical infrastructure and qualified personnel to prevent crimes.