A delegation from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) led by the Undersecretary Seyfullah Hacımüftüoğlu made important contacts in Spain visit.
The MoI delegation, which participated in the Spain visit within the context of Improvement Of Civilian Oversight Of Internal Security Sector Project Phase II, seized the opportunity for on-site information gathering on the internal security oversight architecture in this country. MoI Undersecretary Seyfullah Hacımüftüoğlu exchanged views with the Spanish officials during the visit.
Comprehensive visits were made
During the 7-day Spain trip, the delegation visited Secretary of State Security Coordination and Studies Cabinet, General Directorate of Police, General Directorate of Gendarme, Personnel Inspection and Security Services, Parliamentary Interior Commission, 112 Emergency Coordination center, Ombudsman, Center for Counter-Organized Crimes and Intelligence, police and gendarme stations and was informed on the security implementations in Spain.
Undersecretary Hacımüftüoğlu analyzed the system
MoI Undersecretary Seyfullah hacımüftüoğlu, who led the delegation, came together with Secretary of Ministry of Security Francisco Martínez Vázquez, Police General Director Ignacio Cosidó Gutiérrez and Gendarme General Director Arsenio Fernández de Mesa and exchanged views with them.
About the system in Spain
The visit served as a beneficial activity to get well informed on the internal security oversight in Spain. The Spanish system has consitutionalized the separation between internal security (police and gendarmerie duties) and defense (an army task outside the country) as well as the responsibility before the law of every internal security agent, has placed police and gendarmerie under the control of the MoI while the military status of gendarme was preserved, and has recently created equal status for all national internal security agents'